Message from the Principal

Dear Central School Families,

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Central School and its many available on-line resources!  Central School is known for its warm and welcoming atmosphere. We are a diverse community committed to creating lifelong learners though the development of the arts, math, literacy, technology, and inquiry skills. This takes place in an child-centered environment built on social responsibility and respect.

The staff is committed to:

  • encouraging intellectual curiosity and the love of learning
  • promoting collaborative learning while encouraging the child's construction of knowledge
  • providing opportunities for critical thinking
  • promoting a safe environment that enables inquiry and risk taking
  • celebrating diversity and respecting different learning styles
  • nurturing the development of confidence, self-esteem and independence
  • valuing and supporting interests and talents
  • incorporating research-based best practices in order to foster professional growth and enhance learning

I invite you explore the rest of our web site including the on-line resources, the classroom pages, and news from our co-curricular teachers and support staff.  I encourage you to visit this site frequently to read our weekly newsletter and updates from the office as well as individual teachers.


Carol Priore

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Parent Portal

Attn.  All Parents: Please log on to the Parent Portal to update your parent contact information including your home and cell phone numbers, as well as your e-mail address.   The District needs this information in case of emergency, and we use it to keep you informed on important school news & happenings.

If you need support logging on to the Parent Portal, have misplaced your family’s password, or are an elementary school parent who has never been assigned a password, call 220-3076 or e-mail 

Information for Parents

Acceptable Use Policy
Parents of children in grades K-5 must complete and submit the Acceptable Use Policy sign off form. 
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